5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home for Spring

Monroe Garden District Home Spring

Spring is absolutely my favorite time of year. I get such pleasure from feeling the warm sun on my skin, seeing flowers begin to blossom everywhere, and getting my hands dirty as I clean up and add new plants to my garden. These lovely warmer days always come as such a relief after winter, even our short Southern version. They also bring with them a feeling of industriousness, and what better time is there to freshen up the home? Here are some tips on making your home feel as fresh as a new spring day: 

1. Make Your Windows Sparkle

clean windows

With the weather so nice outside, you’ll want a clear view of the birds and flowers from your living room. My mom always had us clean the windows with vinegar and water and crumpled newspaper. Not only is this method eco-friendly, it also works great! If you see streaks when using vinegar, it’s actually residue left from old commercial window cleaning products. I’ve read that adding a bit of dish detergent will remedy this. Try mixing 2 cups water, ¼ cup white distilled vinegar, and up to ½ teaspoon liquid dish soap in a spray bottle.

2. Get Those Flower Beds in Shape


I don’t know about you, but I don’t do much upkeep on my flower beds when it’s chilly outside. Spring is time for me to put on my gardening gloves and start pulling all the weeds that have sprung up. Once the beds are clean, the real fun begins as I get to pick out new plants to add to my garden. The first year I started a garden, I used all seeds and it was very hard to be patient as they grew. Now I do a mix of annuals, perennials, seeds and bulbs. Nothing adds curb appeal like a beautiful flower garden.

3. Decorate Your Entryway

bright front porch

There are tons of easy and economical ways to add charm to any entryway. If you have a front porch, now is the time to jazz it up with bright throw pillows on the furniture, and some flowering potted plants. Another easy weekend project is putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door. The addition of some outdoor lighting can also make a big impact to your home’s appearance.

4. Spring Cleaning

household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..If you’re like me, the prospect of spring cleaning can seem daunting. I have found that the best way to tackle this job is doing one room at a time. This is a great time to clear out clutter and get rid of any unused items. Find out what charities in your area accept different donations. There are also recycling places that will take a multitude of items such as old paint and electronics. When it comes to getting a good, deep down clean, I find that opening all window coverings and letting the sunlight shine in helps to unveil all the hidden dust that’s been lingering. I prefer to use as many natural, non-toxic cleaning products as possible since the chemicals in others can be harmful not only to the environment, but also to my pets and can aggravate my allergies. Luckily, there are now plenty of eco-friendly options available in most grocery stores.

5. Bring Spring Inside

windowsills with flowersFrom simple bud vases with just a flower or two, to large arrangements on your dining table, fresh cut flowers around your home will make everything seem cheerier. I like to place a few flowers on my nightstand, in windowsills, and a larger arrangement on the coffee table. I also keep a potted plant in each room to bring some life to the home and also help clean the air.


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